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SLA-Based SAN Design

  • Author:

    Eray Gençay, Carsten Sinz, and Wolfgang Küchlin

  • Source:

    In Proc. of the 1st IEEE Workshop on Automated Network Management (ANM 2008), Phoenix, AZ

  • Date: April 2008
  • Storage Area Networks (SANs) connect storage devices to servers over fast network interconnects. We consider the problem of optimal SAN configuration with the goal of retaining more security in meeting service level agreements (SLAs) on unexpected peaks. First, we give an algorithm for assigning storage devices to applications running on the SAN’s hosts. This algorithm tries to balance the workload as evenly as possible over all storage devices. Our second algorithm takes these assignments and computes the interconnections (data paths) that are necessary to achieve the desired configuration while respecting redundancy (safety) requirements in the SLAs. Again, this algorithm tries to balance the workload of all connections and devices. Thus, our network configurations respect all SLAs and provide flexibility for future changes by avoiding bottlenecks on storage devices or switches. We also discuss integrating our solution with the open source SAN management software Aperi.